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100% of our business comes from referrals so we rely on client satisfaction. We do no advertising. Here are some of our client references

“Colleen Kerwick worked on about 25 cases for us over many years. She’s very friendly, confident and intelligent and her results always exceeded expectations. Once we were negotiating up from a half a million dollars to settle a serious case, when she blindsided us by winning summary judgment with an award of costs for us. Colleen always won her cases. She clearly loves the law and is just a joy to work with. However, sometimes she can be delayed in reporting … but when you call she has all the details of your case on the tip of her tongue”. J.G. – Attorney Client

“We feel we are truly blessed to have met you” B.E.- Entertainment  Client (Music)

“I was very fortunate to find Colleen Mary Ni Chairmhaic. She resolved my entertainment issues and concerns and her professional advice guided me toward the direction of attaining my goals. Colleen Mary Ni Chairmhaic is honest and an experienced Attorney who is “always there for her clients” as she was for me and she truly cares. She’s a talented Attorney with expertise in Entertainment Law and an experienced Actress and Film Producer. All the characteristics that make her a #1 Leading Attorney. I recommend her highly”.H.C. Entertainment Client (film)

“We think you are just fabulous” P.G.W. – Attorney Client

“Colleen is very knowledgeable and creative in her legal arguments. She tends to be at the aggressive end of the scale and is more results than journey orientated. Her dramatic performance in the courtroom is truly wonderful”. M.D.- Attorney Client

“Thanks for making me look good!”‘ L.S. –  Attorney Client

“This wouldn’t have happened without you” JP- Film Director client.


Children’s Rights with Christie BrinkleyKelly, Patrice, Susan, Christie, Colleen and AnneHonest Justice TV

Honest Justice


Cannes Film Fest


Backstage with Backer Entertainment (The Persuasions, Four Tops, Shadows of the 60s)IMG_3435


With Tomm Moore and Liselott at the Emerald  Ball in NYC after the premiere of Secret of Kells

Colleen at Emerald Ball

Acting headshot


Avvo - Rate your Lawyer. Get Free Legal Advice.