November 2019

The Law Office of Colleen Kerwick receives our end of year awards as Top Rated Lawyer and Most Honored Professionals in the area of Entertainment Law:

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October 2019

Resolve entertainment litigation case for unpaid royalies for music placements in commercials and gaming.


October 2019

Settle case involving international entertainment case, venued in the United States District Court after prevailing on motions and defending depositions.


June 2019

Argue Racial Discrimination case


May 2019

Lawsuit for royalties in Brooklyn featured in The Hollywood Reporter.…/uplo…/2019/05/Royalties.pdf


April 2019

Uncovered discrimination against women in Connecticut, by inter-state agreement.


March 2019

Human rights action survives dispositive motion in Bronx.

On Trial.


January 2019

On Trial


With Connecticut Chief Justice

October 2018

Win appeal against insurance for airline in Boston.

Win motion in Article 78 proceeding in Nassau County Supreme Court


September 2018

With Christie Brinkley

August 2018

Assigned Police Brutality case from Federal pro bono assignment wheel.


July 2018

With Irish Language recognized by New York Courts!

May 2018

Argue against summary judgment in Southern District of New York case. Case survives SJM.


April 2018

On Trial. Testimony and conclusions support my position.


January 2018

The Persuasions placed in Comcast Commercial for The Winter Olympics and obtain royalties.


October 2017

Settle International Corporate Fraud case involving India and the United States of America for valuable compensation for my client.


August 2017

Defended Corporate Fraud case with 100% Defense by Prevailing on Pre-Answer Motion to Dismiss


June 2017

WON two motions written and orally argued before the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan


May 2017

Prevail in motion to dismiss before the Appellate Division, Second Department in Brooklyn


May 2017

Oral argument of human rights case before the second circuit Court of Appeals in New York, with success


March 2017

Win motions in international corporate fraud case in Connecticut  Federal Court involving litigation in India, Connecticut and North Carolina.


February 2017

Finalize agreements in advance of Ladies and Gentlemen: The Barenaked Ladies and the Persuasions release.


January 2017

Mediate cases to successful resolution.


December 2016

Mediate case to successful resolution.


November 2016

Won case on Pre-Answer Motion to Dismiss

The Persuasions Record with Steve Van Zandt

Settle case after adverse party is precluded.


October 2016

The Persuasions Record with The Barenaked Ladies in Toronto

Settle case with Pagnoni and Realize Records


September 2016

Handling International Corporate Fraud case.

Won Motion to Amend.


August 2016

WON corporate fraud trial in the matter of GGW V 2701 which was before the Honorable Judge Bruno in Nassau County Supreme Court.


June 2016


Mediation Sessions booking into September.


May 2016

On Trial in New York.

Major Artists to create Album to support Music in Schools.


April 2016

With Coolio 


With Lyle Lovett

lyle lovett